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About DJ Spark


noun  \ ˈspärk \


(1) anything that activates or stimulates (2) a luminous electrical discharge; something that sets off a sudden force


The word Spark is synonymous with powerful beginnings.


Likewise, with a career spanning over 30 years, L.A’s most treasured female turntablist, DJ Spark, embodies and redefines every definition of the term. The offspring of the city’s first female disc jockey, Silky D of 1580 KDAY & Uncle Jamms Army, it was no surprise to most when this phenom began spinning at age 12; making her the world’s youngest female dj at that time.


Growing up with many legendary DJ’s practicing their skills in her living room, her curiosity for the craft was soon fed by their invaluable tutelage. Though merely in middle school, her prolific knowledge of music married with newly acquired turntable skills would soon capture the 

attention of then 90’s super group, Immature. Determined to make this young artist apart of their concert performance, Spark hit the road as the official DJ for the group.

Since then Spark’s captivating talent and musicality has spread across multiple genres of music and afforded her the opportunity to work along-side artists and corporations such as Lalah Hathaway, PioneerDJ, Teddy Riley, Netflix, Kelly Rowland, Best Buy, Herbie Hancock, Canrnival Cruise Line, T-Pain, Gibson Guitar, Omarion, Coca-Cola, Paulina Rubio, the Initiate Justice Organization and Mc Lyte.


Although performance will always remain fundamental in her career, Spark has also made an effortless expansion into education as DJ Professor at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA,  and lending her teaching abilities for various school programs across LA.


With a genuine love for the craft and immeasurable talent that has united and engaged music lovers across the globe spinning in over 40 countries, this Spark has ignited the industry with fire, force and finesse...



KELLY ROWLAND 2016 -current

LALAH HATHAWAY 2012-current​

AMBER RILEY ​2010-current

T-PAIN 2010-2012

OMARION 2009-2014

TEDDY RILEY 2008-2010​


Ms. TRINITI 2004-2009​

YOYO 2005-2010
IMMATURE 1993-2006​



DJ Professor Faculty at Berklee College of Music, Boston

PioneerDJ / AlphaTheta Product Demonstator

Cultural Ambassador for the Universal Hip-Hop Museum 

West Coast Female DJ of the Year (2021)

"Girls Trip" Film feature (2017)

Member of the CoreDJ’s Organization

1st Female DJ on the box of a DJ Product (Stanton SCS4.DJ)

Official Grammy Gifting Suite DJ (2012 - 2015)

1st Female DJ at XGAMES awards (2012)



SINGAPORE (Singapore)


BAHRAIN (Manama)

UAE (Dubai)



KOREA (Seoul)

FRANCE (Paris, Geneva, Lyon, Cannes, Tours)
AUSTRALIA (Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Cairns, Brisbane, Canberra)

SOUTH AFRICA (Durban, Capetown, Johannesburg)

ITALY (Gallipoli, Brindisi, Lecce, Milan)
KUWAIT (Kuwait city, Al Anbar)

IRAQ (Baghdad, Tikrit, Balad, Kut)


JAPAN (Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa, Nagoya, Kyoto)

ENGLAND (London)
HOLLAND (Amsterdam, Rotterdam)

GERMANY (Frankfurt, Munich, Koln, Stuggart, Bassel)
SWITZERLAND (Geneva, Zurich)
 CANADA (Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton)

QATAR (Doha)

ROMANIA (Bucharest)

AUSTRIA (Vienna)


SPAIN (Barcelona)



Shannon Warner Events

ABC Network

PhiBeta Sigma

National Association of Guardsmen - Chicago




Higher Heights Organization

Initiate Justice Organization

Universal Hip-Hop Museum

BET Network

CBS Studios

BallUp Inc

Hard Rock Hollywood

Best Buy

Fox5 Las Vegas


Premier Girls Fast Pitch


Fly Girls Unite

Coca Cola

The Grammy Association

Camp Spin Off

The Rogue Valley Scorpions (NWBA)

Music Cares Inc


Actress Dianna Agron

Actor Derek Luke

Beats By Dre

San Diego Pride Festival

Long Beach Pride Festival

Los Angeles Pride Festival

Atlanta Pride Festival

New York Pride Festival

Taste Of Soul Music Festival

Consumer Electronics Show

Sundance Film Festival

Mussik MESSE Convention Frankurt

The DJ Expo Atlantic City

GuitarTown Sunset Strip Art Auction

Sunset Strip Music Festival

BB Jazz Festival

North Sea Jazz Festival 

Cal State University of Northridge

University of Southern California

University of Missouri State

University of Virginia

Carnival Cruise Line

All Def Digital (Russell Simmons)

Jack Daniels Distillery

Whole Foods Inc

WeTv Network (LA Hair)

Interscope Records 

Atlantic Records

Amoeba Records

Pan African Film Festival


Revolt TV

*Updated Feb 2024

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